Mindfulness, Meditation & Sound Therapy

There are many synergies between the practices of Mindfulness, Meditation and Sound Therapy Sessions. In fact, Sound Therapy overlaps many other forms of Holistic Treatments. 

Gain a richer understanding of your self and your well-being.

One of the ways in which a Sound Therapy Session will benefit you is to help you ‘tune in’ to your self. Many people report that the resonances from the sound vibrations help them to be more aware of their energetic self, and also their thoughts and emotions. 

My methods are research led and developed using the latest techniques in applying sound as a holistic treatment. We also incorporate the principles of neuroscience, psychology and psychosomatics in our work. In the 1 to 1 sessions that I facilitate, I use guided visualisations to help you really tune in to the issue that you are working on. 

Silence is a powerful aspect of Sound Therapy. Very similar to taking the time to be still and quietening the mind during a meditation session. The use of Therapeutic Sound often helps those people with a lot of ‘mind chatter’ to calm the mind. In some cases it may take 10 or 15 minutes for this to happen, but very often it will happen in less than 5 minutes. 

Once you have reached a point of stillness, you will be in a much better place to reflect on what is going on for you in that moment. It’s so often the case that when we are going through tough times, we keep ourselves ‘busy’ so that we don’t have time to ‘look at our stuff’. This is an avoidance strategy, I have used it myself, but it only works for so long before something has to give. Usually it will be your well-being that suffers in some way. 

The Sound Therapy Techniques that I use are all about being in the moment. This is where the cross over with Mindfulness comes in. 

Mindfulness is a great tool for bringing us in to the present moment. It is also a fantastic method for intercepting our automatic, habitual behaviour patterns. Thereby, allowing us a moment of space to reflect and perhaps choose a different response or reaction to events that are occurring.

Even though I incorporate Mindfulness in to my Sound Therapy sessions, Mindfulness can also be used as a stand alone technique. I run a few Mindfulness Courses and Groups throughout each year and in addition I can run Mindfulness Sessions, Workshops and Talks as part of your Well-Being Events, Corporate Wellness Days, Support Group Sessions, and any other form of social club or gathering. 

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Mindfulness for Men

Traditionally, men and women have very different support systems in place. Men tend to gravitate towards the pub, the sports field, the gym or other leisure activities, fishing, motorsport, running clubs, bands and musician gatherings etc. 

These environments offer lots of camaraderie and banter, and whilst we may talk at a superficial level about our home lives, relationships, health and work, there is generally little time for meaningful connection and discussions. 

So with this in mind, I started up a Mindfulness for Men course, which then led to a number of Mindfulness for Men groups. 

The gatherings are open to men from all generations, from teenagers through to seniors. It’s an opportunity to connect with men from all different backgrounds, to express your authentic self, to discuss issues relevant to you, in a non-judgemental environment. 

A place to share insight and wisdom, gain a better understanding of yourself, to build your confidence and resilience, to have a safe place to verbalise your thoughts and emotions. Although at times we may be addressing difficult subjects, my aim is for the sessions to be positive, upbeat and lighthearted. 

The gatherings follow a similar format at each meeting. 

  • Short Introductions
  • Topic for Discussion and Reflection 
  • Guided Meditation
  • Debrief Discussion
  • Closing Comments

The sessions are not intended as a talking therapy or counselling session. They are a place where you can be heard, learn more about yourself and develop your mindfulness practice. 

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