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Craig Eddington   PL.Dip.ST  GST.Dip

Professionally Qualified and Accredited Sound Therapy Practitioner
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Foundation Certificate in Sound Healing

Want to become a Sound Practitioner? The Foundation Certificate in Sound Healing is the perfect place to start.

You’re in safe hands. 

The training course has been assessed and Accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). One of the leading organisations for holistic and complementary therapy practices in the UK.

Sound Healing Seminars Workshops

Sound Therapy Courses, CPD, Workshops & Seminars

A whole range of knowledge based and experiential learning opportunities.

Our themed workshops are very popular for learning more about yourself in a group context. The energy created when people come together to support each other is very powerful and empowering.

Professional training courses and seminars are also available. These training courses are for you if you would like to work within the field of Sound Therapy.

They are modular so that you can work through them at your own pace and you will only need to study the modules relevant for  you.

corporate events

Corporate Wellness & Executive Programmes

Keep your  ‘wellness agenda’ at the forefront of your employees minds with a dynamic and captivating Sound Session.

From a few hours, to full days & weekends. We can tailor a powerful programme of events to meet your requirements.

Feedback shows that our Corporate Events are a topic of conversation for many months afterwards. Objectives met!

We also have programmes for Executives and Business Owners.

healthcare sound therapy

Sound Therapy in a Healthcare Setting

Working with your Healthcare Staff, Occupational Therapists, Support Specialists and Care Workers, we can bring a Sound Therapy Session to your patients.

There are many proven benefits of using Therapeutic Sound to improve the well-being of patients. Including calming the mind, reducing anxieties, relieving tension and pain, aiding relaxation, reducing heart rate and blood pressure, improving cognitive function and mental clarity, developing co-ordination and motor skills, enhancing creativity, balancing the nervous system.

This in turn can lead to better health outcomes, including a more complete and speedier recovery. 

spa day sound healing

Spa Days, Personal Support & Transformations

From creating an indulgent, captivating and deeply relaxing soundscape that will leave you feeling restored and rejuvenated.

To providing support and helping you to build resilience when you are going through a difficult time.

We also have our Personal Transformation Blueprint:  Re-discover Your Soulshine! to help you re-discover your true self.

mindfulness meditation sound healing

Mindfulness, Meditation & Sound Therapy

There are many overlapping themes in these Wellness Practices. I have created specific, themed classes and workshops to aid your development and well-being.

Classes and workshops can be incorporated in to longer sessions, themed days or corporate events.

I host Mindfulness for Men groups, as well as more general gatherings open to all.

retreats private bookings sound healing

Retreats, Group Sessions, Private Events & Bookings

The feedback I receive is that the Group Sound Sessions are talked about for months after the event.  It’s a known fact that a shared experience creates longer term happiness and lives in the memory for longer. 

What a great way to show your appreciation or to help keep your retreat in the front of your clients mind. 

I host regular Gong Relaxation sessions throughout Yorkshire and beyond. 

Hello! I’m Craig

Sound Therapy Practitioner & Trainer

When I embarked upon my professional training course, I had no idea of the profound effect it would have on me and my life. Let alone on that of my clients!

I have witnessed first hand the impact that Therapeutic Sound Sessions can have on people from all walks of life, in all types of situations and circumstances.

The services I offer are all about developing meaningful human connections, either on a 1 to 1 basis or in group situations. When we work together in a supportive, non-judgemental way, mountains can be moved.

The activities undertaken in my Sound Sessions can be tailored to your individual requirements. We have activities suitable for Individuals, Corporations and Mainstream Healthcare settings. Anything from simple but very effective relaxation sessions, to team building exercises, to events & parties, to group workshops, to individual support and transformation sessions, to creativity development. Whatever your needs, we have it covered!

I relish the opportunity to inspire ‘out of the box’ thinking, or to help ease the burden of someone going through a difficult time in their lives, or to create a lighthearted and uplifting activity … just for the pure joy of it!

There is so much valuable work to be done in the field of Sound Healing and Sound Therapy. The use of Therapeutic Sound has many possible applications. It can be a simple but very powerful way to uplift and empower people in all manner of situations. As a Practitioner, I feel it is so important that we hold space for people in a professional and compassionate way, and that any work is carried out to the highest standards.   With this in mind, I have developed a number of different training courses to help you enhance your skills and take Sound Therapy to where it can most benefit peoples lives.

The options are endless. Take a look around the website to find out more, or better still, call me for a chat to discuss your requirements.

BAST Accreditation Sound Therapy
TSA accreditation Sound Therapy
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BAST accreditation Sound Healing

My Approach & Values

I facilitate very modern, practical and down to earth Sound Therapy Sessions. Whilst maintaining traditional values and a high level of confidentiality, ethics, and professionalism.

My Sound Therapy Practitioner training was in depth and competency based. I am registered with TSA, CMA, BAST. 

The Sound Therapy Company follows Trauma Informed Practices and Guidelines, plus specialises in assisting people with Auto-Immune Conditions. 

So whether you are an individual, a company or a healthcare organisation, the one thing you can rely on … You will be in safe hands.

My Experience

I have a very diverse knowledge and experience base to draw upon. This means I have an understanding of the needs of many organisational types and can adapt my work to suit these requirements.

I have been running my own businesses since the turn of the Millenium. Prior to that I worked for various SME’s and also a number of Multi-National Organisations. So I understand the challenges faced by different sized businesses.

I have worked across varied industry sectors including: electrical engineering, financial advice & legal work, and in more recent years, the personal transformation and wellness industry.

I have hosted sessions at Corporate Wellness Days, Well-being Events, in Hospices, Special Needs Schools, on Retreats, Away Days, and in Luxury Spa’s.

 You are guaranteed an open, friendly, professional service. Call me for a chat to discuss your exact requirements.

You can see what others have said about my Sound Therapy Sessions further down the page. 

Professional Sound Therapy Training

Coming from a very science based, logical, professional & practical background, it was essential that any training I undertook was of the highest standards. My Sound Therapy Training consisted of:

  • 90 Hours Face to Face, Tutor led Training
  • Over 100 hours of Distance Learning and Self Treatments
  • Over 150 hours of Case Study Sessions and Reflections
  • Competency Assessments & Sign Off.

My Diploma Qualifications are: 1 to 1 Practitioner Level (PLD.Dip.ST) and Group Sound Therapy (GST.Dip).

My Vision

Sound Healing and Sound Therapy Sessions are simple and very non invasive but can be powerful interventions in all types of situations. I have worked with primary school aged children needing special care,  people with serious long term conditions and terminal illnesses, with the elderly and patients in hospice care.

The results are equally impressive with people responding and noticing the benefits often in a relatively short space of time.

There are only a few contra-indicators for Sound Healing and Sound Therapy. *** Click here to find out more *** This means that the potential to use Therapeutic Sound to improve well-being is massive.

Through collaboration, promoting high standards, aiding research projects, working with the health standards organisations and health support groups. I would love to see Sound Therapy take a larger role as a mainstream Complementary Medicine.

This is a fundamental aim of The Sound Therapy Company. As well as improving the well-being of individuals by helping you gain a richer understanding of your self and your health; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Let’s Talk …. Contact Craig

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