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Corporate Sessions, Events, Away Days, & Programmes.

Let me ask a question;

What do you want from your corporate wellness day?

Do you want it to be a dull, classroom environment?

Or would you like an engaging, memorable, team building event that will keep your well-being agenda talked about and at the forefront of your employees minds for many months?

As well as being beneficial to your staff, you want these sessions to be social, fun and eagerly anticipated. A workforce that is healthy; physically, mentally and emotionally, and completely focused and present in their work space, will be the most productive team that you could wish for.

You may think that Sound Therapy is too esoteric for the corporate world, but my experience is exactly the opposite. The feedback I receive is always very positive; with attendees experiences often exceeding their expectations.

I feel this has much to do with our delivery of the programmes. We host very practical, down to earth sessions. Our activities are based on the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and psychosomatics, and can be used in everyday life to improve personal well-being.

The Sound Therapy Company can deliver one off sessions or a regular programme of events in your workplace. We have relationships with wellness experts outside our area of expertise and can facilitate a broad range of activities to keep your team events enjoyable. We can also arrange events ‘off site’ if you would rather host the event in more relaxed surroundings.

Our Corporate Sessions and Events are interactive, and will be a learning experience. We don’t just impart the theory but demonstrate the power of the techniques we use within each session.

We will consult with your H.R. Team to ensure your company ethos and wellness agenda are the core themes of the programme.

Types of programmes we can deliver.

All sessions are individually tailored to your requirements. However, in order to give an indication of the types of sessions we can host here is a brief selection:

Type of Session:  Taster Events, One Offs, Introductory Course (ie 4, 6 or 8 week), Rolling Programmes.

Length of Session:  From a 2 hour session, half and full days, to full weekend programmes.

Activities: Drumming, Gong Relaxations, Soundscapes (improvised sound art), Mindfulness, Meditations, Psycho-Somatics, Easy Yoga & Movement, Voice Workshops.

Themes: Stress Management, Relaxation, Mental & Emotional Resilience, Effective Communication, Self Care, Well-being Routines, Creative Thinking, Mindfulness at Work, Stepping into your Power, Improving Concentration and Focus, The Rhythm of Life, Technology … who’s in the driving seat?

REMEMBER: This is just a selection of programmes to give you ideas. We will tailor a package especially for your company and requirements. The first step is to contact Craig for a chat on 07804 088663. 

Example: We can use sound to help you access the more creative side of your brain. Why not follow up a Corporate Sound Session with refreshments and a Blue Sky Thinking meeting. The options are endless.

Executive Programmes

We all go through good times and bad. How you perform on a daily basis has much to do with how you feel on any given day.

If you are weighed down by the pressures of work, health issues, problems at home, financial worries or by life in general then you are not going to work at your best.

May be you have lost your creativity, enthusiasm, or your drive and motivation. May be you are questioning your path and wondering if you should make changes to your work or lifestyle.

If you are a business owner, self employed or a corporate executive who wants to work on issues outside of the company environment; then we have a number of options for you;

1) Our Personal Support Programmes are 1 to 1 Sessions that use a mix of Sound Therapy, Reflection & Coaching Techniques, Mindfulness and Meditation. These are very powerful sessions that will help you to develop mental focus and clarity, strengthen your emotional resilience, build confidence, get back on track.

 2) Gathering with people in similar situations to us can be a very powerful learning experience. Working with other people enables us to see that we are not alone in our experience and that other people encounter similar problems. You may gain a new perspective on your issue, or learn from another persons experience.

For these reasons we host group sessions with others who predominantly tend to work ‘in isolation’ so that you can benefit from a collective learning experience.

So whether its a short series of 1 to 1 Sessions, or taking a ‘day out’ to attend an executive day. The benefits in terms of your focus and productivity will be enormous.

The first step is to call me, Craig, for an informal chat on 07804 088663.

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